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Stefan Petersson

Stefan, a key member since January 1998, specializes in welding and high carbon solutions for his customers.

Stefan Petersson

Sales Engineer

Specializes in: Welding wire, high carbon wire

Since January 1998 Stefan has been a vital part of the Lämneå Bruk team. With a background as a mechanical engineer he has been working from the very start to improve the machines to benefit our customers even more. As a sales man, Stefan is very focused and has a great understanding for production in general. One of his greatest strengths is his knowledge of the wire feed in the production.

What customer service means to Stefan: “For me customer service is to always focus on the customer during a product delivery. I feel that the most important part is that in the end this part is more than satisfactory to the customer. If I later on discover something that can be done to improve the production for the customer, I always try to get it done in order to make their experience better.”

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