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A Passion for Wire

At Lämneå Bruk, we're renowned leaders in innovative wire machinery manufacturing, crafting high-quality, efficient solutions exclusively for the wire industry.

With a focus on intelligent customisation and user-friendliness, we maximise benefits and profitability for our customers.
Explore our story and see our passion for wire in action.


Technical Expertise Meets Personalised Service

At Lämneå Bruk, our mission is to be flexible and to engineer cutting-edge machines tailored to your specific production requirements.

With over 95% of our machines exported, we serve global customers with economical, durable, and user-friendly wire machinery, positioning Lämneå Bruk as one of the trusted industry leaders.

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Passion for Wire

Quality Made in Sweden

Founded in 1727 as an ironwork with a royal warrant, Lämneå Bruk evolved into a wire machinery specialist in 1823, accumulating over 200 years of expertise in the industry.

The Hagstedt family, owners of Lämneå Bruk, has been ‘wired up’ for ten generations; the passion for wire simply runs in their blood.

What sets us apart is our meticulous control over the entire production chain as we design, develop, and manufacture all parts and components for our machines in-house in Sweden.

Lämneå Bruk's History at a glance

Come along on a historical journey through time, exploring the milestones that define Lämneå Bruk's rich heritage and expertise in the wire industry.


Lämneå Bruk established as an ironwork


Lämneå Bruk starts to manufacture machines for the wire industry


Lars Hagstedt, the 8th generation of his family acquires Lämneå Bruk


Anders & Jonas Hagstedt acquire the company from their father Lars


Production of the first No Twist Coiler (NTC)


Development of the straight line technology


Jonas Hagstedt, 9th generation of his family, becomes the sole owner of Lämneå Bruk


The Automatic Precision Layer and Automatic Spooling Machine are produced


The first Straight Line Drawing machine is manufactured


First innovative No Twist Coiler for spring wire is manufactured


Release of second generation of the Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder


The No Twist Coiler 1200 for up to 2 metric tons is released


Start-ups and FATs are done fully remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic


Expansion of the workshop and office building starts


The Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder is launched for 1 kg spools


The No Twist Coiler portfolio is extended by the NTC 1700 and the NTC Multi-Wire Take-Up

Tradition & Innovation

Reliable Partner

Inclusive Employer

Rooted in a legacy dating back to 1823, Lämneå Bruk seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Our journey has given us unparalleled experience and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of our customers.

At Lämneå Bruk, we're not just manufacturers; we're architects of ideas, transforming your visions into reality.

At Lämneå Bruk, we proudly serve as your trusted full-service supplier, providing comprehensive wire solutions that include complete wire production cells and support for establishing entire new factories.

Our wire machinery, Made in Sweden, reflects our consistent commitment to transparency and quality at every stage of the process.

We cherish diversity, fostering engagement within our workforce and among our customers. Our belief in flat hierarchies empowers us to unlock our full potential, driving continuous improvement and strength both as a company and as a team.

We strive to cultivate an inclusive environment where every voice matters, making Lämneå Bruk a place where diversity thrives, and collective growth is celebrated.

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