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Jonas Hagstedt

With nine generations in his family dedicated to the wire industry, Jonas brings extensive experience to his work.

Jonas Hagstedt

Owner & Director

Specializes in: General design, high carbon wire, low carbon wire, welding wire, stainless steel wire

As the 9th generation of his family working in the wire industry, Jonas has a long experience of working with wire. His knowledge and fire for wire is easy to see in the way he runs Lämneå Bruk. Since he was 18 years old he has been the President of Lämneå Bruk. In 1989 Jonas and his brother took over the company from their father and since 2007 he has been the sole owner of the company.

What customer service means to Jonas: “For me customer service is to listen and understand the needs and requirements of the customer. I have a strong passion to find the smartest and most profitable solution to satisfy my customers’ needs.”

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