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John Lindh

With 23 years as a Mechanical Project Manager, John's expertise is in wire cleaning, surface treatments, and copper coating.

John Lindh

Sales Engineer

Specializes in: Wire with surface treatment requirements

John has started his career as a Mechanical Project Manager 23 years ago. Prior to joining the Lämneå Bruk team, he was the Head of Sales & Marketing at Candor since 2006. In this role, he has acquired in-depth knowledge about wire cleaning, various surface treatments and copper coating which will empower him in finding innovative solutions for his customers at Lämneå Bruk to foster long-term, prosperous business relationships.

What customer service means to John: “In my opinion, outstanding customer service is like a good relationship. In every relationship it is crucial to follow a direct, honest communication approach, and that is exactly how I engage with my customers. I thrive from developing the customers initial ideas of new process developments into a concept design that both, the customers, and myself, believe in, while ensuring customer satisfaction and professional commitment to find the best solutions at all times.”

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