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Statablock Coiler Horizontal

The Statablock Coiler Horizontal is fitted externally with fabricated swan neck extension to ensure that the block is holding against the drum. The complete rotor plate assembly is dynamically balanced to ensure a smooth, vibration free operation

The Statablock Coiler horizontal is specifically designed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Dead cast wire coils
  • Continuity of production during coil unloading
  • Heavy coils or small catchweight coils
  • Heavy pattern laid coils for high speed pay- off providing stability during subsequent transportation.
  • Heavy compacted coils for small wire sizes

Key Features

  • Two piece rigid frame with a sturdy welded box type of laser-cut metal
  • The block is manufactured from special cast iron, coated with tungsten carbide and polished to a high finish
  • Equipped with a push-button for easy unloading
  • PLC controlled line operation with eye level

Technical Data

Line Speed:

Up to 25m/s

Block diameter:

300 to 650mm

Wire diameter:

0,4 – 4,5mm

Coil weight:

Up to 1100kg

Compacted coil:

245 – 1300

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