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Spooling Machine Horizontal

The Spooling Machine horizontal (SPMH) is the most popular machine to use with various applications. This machine is available in different sizes depending on your operational requirements.

Key Features

  • Compact, flexible machine set-up
  • Suitable to take large spool weights
  • Guaranteed high user-friendliness and easy maintenance
  • Short stop times for higher productivity levels

Technical Data

SPMH 1400/1060:

Max. Flange Ø: 1400mm | Spool Width: 1060mm | Weight: 5000kg

SPMH 1250/950:

Max. Flange Ø: 1250mm | Spool Width: 950mm | Weight: 3000kg

SPMH 1000/750:

Max. Flange Ø: 1000mm | Spool Width: 750mm | Weight: 2000kg

SPMH 800/600:

Max. Flange Ø: 800mm | Spool Width: 600mm | Weight: 1000kg

SPMH 630/475:

Max. Flange Ø: 630mm | Spool Width: 475mm | Weight: 500kg


Up to 35m/s

Speed control:

Dancer, torque and speed


Lifting Bridge

Traverse speed:

Infinitely variable

Traverse turning points:

Infinitely variable



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