Low carbon

Stainless steel


Semi - Automatic Precision Layer Winder

The Semi-Automatic Precision Layer Winder Line is equipped with an advanced PLC control system with eye-level display and user-friendly operator control.

The machine consists of a powered pay-off, automatic tension control dancer unit and the precision layer winder.

Key Features

  • Accurate setting and adjustment of width between flanges with advanced servo-drive motor operated dowel
  • Servo-drive operated ball screw traverse system and dowel
  • Rapid back-wind facility with traverse

Technical Data

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Wire Range (SA-PLW 330):

Ø0,8 – 2,4mm

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Wire Range (SA-PLW 450):

Ø1,6 – 5,5mm

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Wire Speed (SA-PLW 330):

Max. 35 m/s

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Wire Speed (SA-PLW 450):

Max. 25 m/s

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Type of Spools (SA-PLW 330):

Wire basket, fibre, plastic, coils

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Type of Spools (SA-PLW 450):

Plastic, fibre, coils

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Max. spool flange (SA-PLW 330):

350 mm

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Max. spool flange (SA-PLW 450):

450 mm

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Optional Equipment (SA-PLW 330):

Automatic Stick | Automatic Offload

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Optional Equipment (SA-PLW 450):

Automatic Stick | Cut & hook unit | Automatic Offload

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Four machine types available:

Spool diameter of 100mm, 200mm, 300mm or 450mm

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