High carbon

Low carbon

Stainless steel

Rotating Payoff Vertical with tilting and expanding

The RPV-TE has a special design for paying-off wire to large drawing or shaving machines for heavy wire.

Machine set-up: The RPV – TE is driven or undriven with an expanding centre with 6 arms and hydraulic tilt function. The arms keep the wire rod coil in position. While one pay-off is running, the other one can be loaded with wire at the same time for a more efficient production process.

Key Features

  • Build to meet uncoiling requirements for heavy wire types which cannot be coiled over top or allow no twist
  • The rotating plate can move clockwise and anti-clockwise if necessary for the production
  • The Snarl Arrestor ensures smooth wire processing. In the unlikely case of snarl, a sensor gives the signal to stop the line while the pay-offs placed on rails can move 500mm to avoid wire breakage.
  • PLC controlled and monitored available from various manufacturers

Technical Data

Max load:




Max. tilt time:


Diameter center:

700 – 1600 mm

Height arms:

3000 mm

Wire quality:

Low carbon, high carbon, stainless steel

Wire size:

5 – 11mm

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