High carbon

Low carbon

Stainless steel


Rotating Block Frame Horizontal with traversing spool

For accurate, consistent tension control as well as careful laying of the wire.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a sophisticated tension control system
  • With intelligent traversing where the spool is traversing instead of the wire. This allows the wire to go straight onto the spool without bending movements.
  • Easy mounting and dismounting of adaptors in combination with recipe handling. Simply upload saved recipes containing settings for tension control, traverse, spool size, speed, etc.
  • With dancer arm control and individual speed adjustment

Technical Data

Spool size:

OD ø760mm | Traverse ø400mm | Spool bore ø61mm

Line direction:



up to 1000 kg of wire


1. Flats = 3mm x 4.19mm | 2. Triangular shapes = 2.286mm x 3.556mm | 3. Flat = 6,35mm x 3,18m


0 to 75 rpm

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