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Reversed Bending Descaler

As an efficient, space saving inline rod cleaning system, the reversed bending descaler efficiently eliminates scale and impurities from wire rods' surfaces. This ensures thorough cleaning and preparation prior to subsequent processes like drawing or forming, resulting in enhanced quality and performance of the end product.

Key Features

  • The MD series offers two sizes for efficient rod preparation: The MD 75/4 for wire sizes from 5,5 – 8mm and the MD 90/6 for wire sizes from 5,5 – 12mm.
  • Bending rollers with solid carbide steel inserted at the centre eliminate the need to change the entire roll since only the central part can be replaced.
  • Shields and labyrinth seals ensure double protection of the roller bearings utilized in the assembly.

Technical Data

Line Speed:

Up to 4m/s

Wire diameter:

MD 75/4: 5,5 – 8mm | MD 90/6: 5,5 – 12mm

Number of rolls:

MD 75/4: 4 off | MD 90/6: 6 off

Roll diameter:

MD 75/4: 75mm | MD 90/6: 90mm

Optional roll diameter:

MD 75/4: 90mm | MD 90/6: 110mm

Inlet wire height:

950mm | (Customized upon request)


MD 75/4: 1200mm | MD 90/6: 1350mm


MD 75/4: 625mm | MD 90/6: 1100mm


MD 75/4: 1550mm | MD 90/6: 1650mm

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