High carbon

Stainless steel

Flyer Payoff Vertical

Paying-off wire is not just reeling wire off a coil in a single strand. It also prepares the wire for further processing in an effective way to maximize plant efficiency. The Vertical Flyer Pay-Off serves different production needs.

Key Features

  • Sturdy welded frame for durability
  • Features 3 pulleys with ø500 mm size for efficient wire handling
  • Equipped with a gathering cage and snarl switch for added safety
  • Includes roller conveyor for smooth wire preparation

Technical Data

Wire diameter:

5,5 – 9,5mm

Max. coil weight:


Wire quality:

High carbon shaved and patented, stainless steel

Coil size:

DiØ ~1100mm | DeØ ~1600mm | Height ~1800 – 2100mm

Overall height:



Wire Tail Guard

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