High carbon

Stainless steel

Flyer Payoff Horizontal

The Flyer Pay-Off horizontal can be equipped with a motor-driven Flyer and Pusher for a streamlined wire preparation process.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a motor driven flyer towards the drawing machine to ensure a smooth and snarl free paying-off process
  • Consists of a horizontal beam on which the wire coils are placed
  • Positioning of the wire coils can be easily done by a Pusher, installed along the horizontal beam. The Pusher is driven by a gear motor with a chain drive.

Technical Data

Rod diameter:

Ø5,5 -14 mm

Max. coil weight:

6000kg (3 x 2000kg)

Wire quality:

High carbon steel wire

Typical coil size:

DiØ ~850 – 900mm | DextØ ~1250 – 1300mm | Height ~2500mm compressed

Nominal Pay-Off Speed:

Up to 3m/s

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