High carbon

Low carbon

Stainless steel


Candojet Hotwater Cleaning Unit

The Candojet Hot Water Cleaning Unit removes thoroughly dry drawing lubricants from the wire surface.

Key Features

  • Perfectly prepared wire to enhance the copper coating quality
  • Using the Hot Water Cleaning Unit after a Dry Drawing Machine will expand the lifetime of the copper coating baths.
  • Two Candojet patended cleaning cells made from Stainless Steel clean the wire perfectly using high pressure
  • Equipped with a high-pressure pump which is resistant to aggressive liquids and designed for continuous heavy-duty operation

Technical Data

Wire dimension:

Ø0.2 – 6.0mm


Up to 25m/s

Working temperature:

< 90°C

Water consumption:

50 – 100l/h

Compressed air:

< 6 bar

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