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Candocoat – Cleaning and Lubricant Coating machine

The Cleaning and Lubricant Coating Machine completes the Rod Preparation portfolio. Residing scales are rinsed off effectively with hot water for smooth, perfectly prepared wire.

Effective three-step process:

  1. Hot water jet to remove loose particles
  2. Wet coating application of lubricant carrier
  3. Drying

Key Features

  • In-line lubricant carrier coating unit to be placed in front of the drawing machine to enhance wire lubrication in the dry wire drawing process.
  • Cleans the wire with high pressure hot water to remove loose particles from the surface.
  • The coating section can handle modern lubricant carriers and common borax carriers.

Technical Data

Wire diameter:

5.5 -12mm

Min. Ambient temperature:

4° C

Max. Ambient temperature:

50° C

Pneumatic pressure:

max. 6 bar

Air humidity:

Less than 75%

Wire speed:

2-4 m/s

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