High carbon

Low carbon

Stainless steel


Bullblock Drawing Machine

A non-slip, non-accumulating continuous wire drawing machine for the production of large wire diameters.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a strong gearbox and transmission
  • With modern PLC based control system
  • Suits almost all grades and alloys of ferrous wire
  • The wire is bent in one plain to make the design compatible for the drawing of large wire diameters
  • Can be complemented with stripper device to unload wire, cold rolling cassette, take up coiler and so on

Technical Data

Block diameter:

600, 800 and 900mm

Block coating:

Tungsten carbide

Motor power:

30 – 132 kW AC

Speed control:

Control arms or torque

Inlet wire diameter:

Up to 16mm

Wire quality:



Single or double draft


Soap Stirrer, Rotating Die Holder, Dust Extraction

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