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The success story of the No Twist Coiler

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As the fading warmth of Swedish summer signals the end of vacation days at Lämneå Bruk, a certain half-cloudy August day carries an air of reflection. Strolling down the production aisle, Mathilda and Jonas Hagstedt, the 9th and 10th generation of the Hagstedt family's wire legacy, find themselves wrapped in nostalgia.

"Seeing the NTC being assembled," Mathilda says, "I can hardly recall a time when the NTC wasn't a part of our journey."

"True, since 1992, there's always been an NTC in our workshop,” Jonas replies. “We delivered the first machine of this type to a customer in that year—looking back today, a major steppingstone in our company history. Back then, we were a team of five, installing another line in Europe. I went on the NTC installation in Austria on my own, granting the rest of the team a well-deserved break. Those initial days were a revelation; achieving perfect layering at 10 m/s, while competitors managed just 2 m/s. I sensed then that we were crafting something ground-breaking for the industry here. After that successful first start-up, we then went on and sold the second machine for 15m/s."

Mathilda chuckles, "And the name 'No Twist Coiler'? That came from your sales trip to the U.S., right?"

Jonas nods, "Indeed. In the U.S., we started brainstorming a catchy name for our newest innovation. Guided by its main feature of producing twist-free wire, the idea of the 'No Twist Coiler' came to life, and well we kept it until today."

"As the production manager, I have to say that the journey from 15 m/s to 40 m/s and even unlimited speeds for the new NTC 1200 and 1700— is impressive. The early models I remember ran at 30 m/s. How did we reach 40 m/s?", Mathilda asks curiously.

Jonas reflects, "We adapted swiftly. In the fourth generation, we pushed them to 25 m/s, and the sixth generation, which we have today, achieves 40 m/s and beyond."

Engaged in their memories, Mathilda inquires about her grandfather's view, "In 1992, you'd taken over the company from my grandfather. Did he ever share his thoughts on the NTC?"

Jonas nods fondly, "He saw its potential and marvelled at our sales success. Truth be told, I glimpsed its prospects early, but the market needed time to catch up. That's why we initially positioned it for welding wire. In 2014, one of our customers tried it for spring wire, yielding extraordinary results—no tangles, no waste. It marked our transition beyond welding wire."

I'll never forget a customer at the 2016 wire Düsseldorf show telling me, 'Jonas, you've given me something extraordinary.' From that point, we tailored the NTC for spring wire, and started working on the NTC 1200 soon after."

Peering into the adjacent hall, where the NTC 1200 stands, Mathilda queries, "And why 1200?"

Jonas explains, "1200 signifies two carriers fitting side by side within a container—a clever innovation."

Mathilda grins, "Ah, the first nickname 'NTC Jumbo' still makes me smile. But well, I guess, we both knew that we can go bigger. From the NTC 1200 in 2016 to NTC 1700 this year (2023), it's been quite a journey."

"Indeed, the NTC 1700 now accommodates wire from 0.3 mm to 14 mm—a testament to evolving versatility,” Jonas adds.

At Lämneå Bruk, every NTC carries more significance than mere machinery; it represents a legacy of innovation striding hand in hand with tradition. Starting from the initial phase of perfect layering to the lasting influence of the NTC 1700, each twist-free wire package underscores our shared commitment and dedication to the industry.

If you're interested in learning more about our NTC machines and how they can elevate your wire production, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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