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Thank you for visiting us at wire Düsseldorf 2024!

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The Lämneå Bruk team is thrilled to reflect on the resounding success of our recent participation in wire Düsseldorf 2024. President Jonas Hagstedt and Sales Engineers Stefan Petersson, Magnus Hellqvist, John Lindh, and Jonathan Tammelin Danborg unanimously agree that this year's show surpassed expectations, with a notable increase in attendance compared to 2022. Engaging in numerous insightful discussions with both longstanding and new found customers, we observed a growing interest in Lämneå Bruk as a company and our innovative machine solutions.

Of particular note was the heightened presence of technical staff, operators, and engineers at this year's event. These interactions provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the groundbreaking capabilities of Lämneå Bruk's No Twist Coiler (NTC) technology. The demand for this revolutionary solution has surged, with hundreds of deliveries made to wire producers worldwide who recognize its transformative potential in traditional wire manufacturing processes.

At the heart of our latest NTC model lies its distinctive coiling technique, which replaces outdated gooseneck and spooling technologies. Our innovative machine consistently produces perfect pattern-laid coils weighing up to 4.5 metric tons, offering twist-free wire in inverted carriers for continuous payout options. This remarkable feature not only maximizes productivity but also enhances economic performance by minimizing scrap and optimizing overall efficiency.

We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who joined us at wire Düsseldorf. Your enthusiasm and engagement made the event truly memorable, and we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with you at upcoming wire shows throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to further opportunities to demonstrate the unparalleled capabilities of Lämneå Bruk's advanced solutions.


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