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Lämneå Bruk Says Thank You with a Celebration Lunch!

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At Lämneå Bruk, we believe in celebrating successtogether!

Last Wednesday, we treated our dedicated team to aspecial typical Swedish “smörgåstårta”lunch to recognize their hard work and contributions.

A Toast to Progress and Teamwork

Mathilda Hagstedt, one of our Production Managers,addressed the team, highlighting the overwhelmingly positive feedback receivedat this year's wire Düsseldorf trade fair. The industry's recognition of LämneåBruk as a leading wire machinery manufacturer in terms of quality, knowledge,and exceptional customer service is a testament to the collective effort of ourteam.

Investing in Success

Our commitment to continuous improvement andinvestment in the company has played a vital role in our current success andour position as a full-service supplier. Next projects are to expand theworkshop area further to have more production capacities. This dedication toprogress has resulted in full order books, a situation we're incredibly proudof!

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Mathilda and her father, our CEO, Jonas Hagstedt,expressed their sincere gratitude to everyone for their hard work anddedication. They also encouraged the team to maintain this momentum as wecomplete the final projects before our well-deserved summer break.

We at Lämneå Bruk are incredibly fortunate to havesuch a talented and dedicated team. Here's to a bright future filled withcontinued success!

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